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from the Research Culture and Researcher Development Team at the University of Glasgow

  • PIs, the Concordat, and being excellent to each other

    By Dr Kay Guccione, Head of Research Culture & Researcher Development As managers at the University of Glasgow we are all expected to support, develop and enable the people in our teams. As a manager myself, I understand that this is an act of balance, and that ensuring that the demands of the many projects, […]

  • What’s next for the Research Culture & Researcher Development Team?

    By Dr Kay Guccione, Head of Research Culture & Researcher Development Our Research Culture & Researcher Development Team annual review and planning day was held in August 2022. Having had some very positive changes to our structure, and some new investment in the team in 2022, we took some time out together to think though […]

  • Co-Design and Collaboration: Let our Research Staff Flourish

    By Dr Rachel Chin, Researcher Development Project Officer Continuing our Postdoc Appreciation Week theme, we can share with you some big plans. We are about to open applications for the pilot of our new Research Staff Development framework – Flourish! In today’s academic world collaboration in research, research outputs, and events is increasingly expected and […]

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We are a multi-disciplinary team based in Research and Innovation Services. We each bring our own areas of expertise, and we work in partnership with colleagues from the across the university to create a unique offer for all UofG researchers. As a team, we share our learning designs and resources openly, usually via this blog.

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