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  • Get the ‘Right’ Doctoral Researchers – Good Practice in Recruitment

    By Steve Hutchinson, Director of Hutchinson Training & Development specialising in Leadership, Communication and Personal Effectiveness; and co-author of ‘Coaching and Mentoring for Academic Development’. Let’s start with a thought exercise. If you could design a perfect doctoral researcher who was perfectly suited to the intellectual, organisational and psychological challenges, what ingredients would you include […]

  • What to do when they ask for a ‘Teaching Statement’

    By Katrina Gardner, Careers Manager for Researchers At universities across the UK, we have seen in recent years a welcome expansion in teaching-focused and teaching-only posts. This can include Lectureships (Learning, Teaching & Scholarship) and Teaching Fellow, and Teaching Associate roles, as well as Tutor posts.  Many of you who love teaching will welcome this […]

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We are a multi-disciplinary team based in Research and Innovation Services. We each bring our own areas of expertise, and we work in partnership with colleagues from the across the university to create a unique offer for all UofG researchers. As a team, we share our learning designs and resources openly, usually via this blog.

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