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from the Research Culture and Researcher Development Team at the University of Glasgow

  • Advice for supporting PGRs who are carers

    By Calum Cameron-White, Research Culture Project Assistant. I’m writing this blogpost about the time I spent as a carer, whilst working in a university environment. Based on my lived experience, I’m here to deliver a few hundred words with some concrete proposals and advice for anyone who is supervising, supporting, or designing programmes for postgraduate…

  • Pathfinder Career Narratives 2: Medical Science Liaison

    Pathfinder Career Narratives is an ongoing series tracking the career choices and experiences of doctoral graduates. You can see all posts in the series here. You can find all of the Pathfinder resources and opportunities here. This post is by Dr Emily McNaughton, Medical Science Liaison, find her on LinkedIn here. Name: Emily McNaughton Doctorate…

  • Boundaries in PGR Supervision

    By Steve Hutchinson, Director of Hutchinson Training & Development specialising in Leadership, Communication and Personal Effectiveness; and co-author of ‘Coaching and Mentoring for Academic Development’. If you meet postgraduates you’ll hear horror stories about supervisors. For example recently I encountered a furious PGR with “a terrible supervisor” who, it transpired, “only sees me once per week!” (!)…

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We are a multi-disciplinary team based in Research and Innovation Services. We each bring our own areas of expertise, and we work in partnership with colleagues from the across the university to create a unique offer for all UofG researchers. As a team, we share our learning designs and resources openly, usually via this blog.

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